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No Worries on Whitening, Pigmentation & Freckles

Let's do home spa with KBeautyLike Today's topic is ' Whitening' Recently we've got lots of questions on whitening and pigmentation. Probably it's due to weather. UV is too strong during a day and then we can easily see more freckles and get pigmented. And we start to worry..

Let's no worries for Whitening, Pigmentation, Freckles

We recommend the below home spa with Troiareuke products

1. Cleansing - PIT Cleansing or Oil Cut Cleansing 2.Cell Energy Mask Formula + Mela C Formula ampoule (Yellow Ampoule)

Troiareuke Cell Energy Mask Formula

Specially after cell energy mask formula in the morning, please try to do make-up. You will see your skin toner brighten !!!

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