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Brand Introduction

Troiareuke is one of the most professional aesthetic cosmetic manufacturers and distributors in Korea with 27 years experience in skincare


Troiareuke leads the aesthetic market and distributes a total beauty solution from product distribution, treatment training, to management consulting to more than 25,000 beauty spas and skincare clinics in Korea.

Troiareuke got asked by many customers how to buy  aesthetic products  to use at home.


Now it's available for you to enjoy spa at home 

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KBeautyLike is with


For years, Korean women have focused on natural skin beauty instead of heavy make up. Koreans believe that the most beautiful women are those with healthy, shiny skin. Therefore using one mask per day has been very popular. There are many new beauty brands and products coming to Seoul all the time. It is impossible to keep up with what the best products for your skin are.

KBeautyLike selects the best authentic products in Korea and ships them to the rest of the world. 

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