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Why do we need Troiareuke BB cream A+ formula ?

We often receive the follow valuable questions from our reviewers and customers. Let's have time to know Troiaruke BB cream A+ Formula well

Q. Why does it have to be Troiareuke BB cream A+ formula ? A. Troiareuke BB cream is not make up cream for covering which other brand products normally do but 'healing/regeneration BB cream'. We don't need to feel guilty to our skin wearing BB cream. It actually helps acne and sensitive skin's regeneration and calm down

To cover acne , do heavy make-up-> It causes the skin trouble -> More skin trouble and scars

Q: Does it have good and natural coverage? A: It leaves our skin fresh and light without preventing from breathing as it is formulated with very thin mesh structure. It gives flawless /smooth coverage specially for acne and sensitive skin types all day long.

Q: Who to use Aesthetic BB A+ formula Cream? A: Acne and sensitive skin type who need oil and sebum controls. Those who become oily easily afternoon. Also when weather changes, it is easy to have breakout. It's good to use to calm breakout down

Q: Why do we need to use puff ? A: First of all it's for hygiene. The 2nd is to have smooth coverage without flawless. The 3rd is to save BB cream usage