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[1+1 Event] Skinshielder Cel Cleanser-Deep Cleanser - Spring Care

Dear Customers,

It's spring now. Our clothes are getting lighter and more colorful. How about our skin? Throughout long cold winter, it might get tired and look dull & sagged.

KBeautyLike would like to share the spring care tips.

Today's tip is to start " Deep Cleansing" twice a week to remove impurities, dead cells and provide moisture and nutrient.

Then our skin will have the strengthen skin barrier and look shiny & bright !!! You will get ready to go out for Spring ~~. KBeautyLike also offers the special March Event: 1+1.

Enjoy buying one and getting one free~

1. It provides water to the thirsty skin through waterhug cell during and after cleansing

2. Micro size bio cellulose scrub - Black head improvement, Skin radiance for 12 hours, Improvement in skin brightening, and increase in moisture retention, Improvement in skin redness, Improvement in dead skin (Scaling), Improvement in pore size

This cleanser is used at Korea spa stores prior to any treatment to clean up. You will get the same effect at home. KBeautyLike members, It's time for deep cleansing How often ? Yes. Twice a week. Ask us more !!

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