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1+1 Promotion :Troiareuke ACSEN Recovery Cream Now

ACSEN recovery cream has been well-known as a skin barrier cream, a facial flushing cream and a skin regeneration cream. Many nick names !!!

ACSEN recovery cream improves skin barriers, calm facial flushing down and reduce acne scars.

1) It contains high concentration of centella asiatica extract which is the main ingredient of ointment.

2) It resolves the roots caused of facial flushing which are sensitive skin and sebum problem by improving skin barriers .

3) It gives high concentration of moisturizing into the deep inner skin and absorbed quickly. It’s light texture but it’s absorbed quickly.

Who to use : It is highly recommended for acne and sensitive skin, scratched scar, cracking and fissuring skin types.

How to use

ACSEN recovery cream has the different texture so that cream layered is possible. You can apply 1 to 4 layers according to skin type and season

1 Layer : Immediate water calming for trouble and oily skin type

2 Layers : Double water protection for combination skin type

3 Layers : Inner skin restore for acne dry and sensitive skin

4 Layers : High nutrition watering mask pack for anti aging and dryness

Promotion : 1+1 Buy One Get One Free Event . Please contact KBeautyLike for more information

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