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Sleeping by wearing Troiareuke Aesthetic BB Cream A+

Hello~ I am a blogger from Sweetrain’s story

My favorite brand, Troiareuke, has new product. This is the perfect product for those who are a working mom like me. This is ‘ Troiareuke Aesthetic BB Cream A+’. I would like to introduce it as the BB cream we can wear during sleeping. !!

Troiareuke Healing Cushion is also very good to calm down a skin. This new product, Aesthetic BB Cream A+ considers not only coverage and but also skincare as much as we can sleep by wearing it. Some of you may be hard to believe it.

You can imagine how good ingredients are as we can wear and sleep. It helps inner skin’s condition up and makes skin surface sooth to express fine looking. We can get these only through Troiareuke Aesthetic BB Cream A+

I sharing the honest review to all of you after using 3 weeks. I just used the basic line, sun protector cream and then Aesthetic BB cream A+ at last. I get the fine finished looking without showing any pigmentation and acne.

In addition to that, as Troiareuke cares about skincare, it gives inner skin moisturized and condition UP. What a special make-up product for us !

Sleeping BB cream ? Can sleep with wearing BB cream ? It must have good ingredients. All ingredients get the EWG green grade. I couldn’t believe at the first time how it does good coverage of make up along with skincare.

I am looking forward to testing and I have high expectation while using it.

It has spoid type so that it is more hygienic . I can tell how much efforts Troiareuke puts and details considered for the new product, Aesthetic BB Cream A+

I put too much on my hand sorry. I couldn’t control amount. T.T. It resulted in smooth, moisturized and absorbed without sticky all day long. At the same it does skin care. Isn’t it true as the sleeping BB cream ?

Troiareuke Aesthetic BB A+ is born to care about the very sensitive skin after skincare treatment. I know how suffer I was and it causes big trouble if we use incorrect cosmetic products after treatment.

After skincare treatment, in case you can’t wear any skincare products, I do highly recommend you to try this BB cream A+. Prior to Troiareuke Aesthetic BB cream, I had prejudice of BB cream as hair and dust sticks to face. The Aesthetic BB Cream A+ is absorbed very comfortably and soothing. It has definitely good coverage. I have some of red spots but these are covered. *_*

I am happy to have a real good new product !!!!

KBeautyLike translated in English this product review wrote by Sweetrain’s story to share the true story from Korea. It has been agreed by Troiareuke & Sweetrain’s story

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