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Janiebri's ACSEN Product Review

My experience using Troiareuke products has been excellent. My skin is oily and I tend to breakout in my chin and jaw line. I’ve been using the Acsen line for almost 4 weeks and I can definitely see an improvement based on the recommendations that KBeautyBay chat team suggested. I purchased the following items

· Acsen Oil Cut Cleansing

I love this cleanser because it removes all my makeup and leaves my skin-feeling super soft and clean. It doesn’t make me breakout and it doesn’t dry my skin it leaves skin feeling hydrated. This is an all in one cleanser, no need for double cleanse!

· Acsen TOC Toner

This is an amazing toner although it feels a bit thicker kind of like gel it leaves skin with enough moisture. I like it because I noticed that it helps calm down my breakouts that I get on my jawline. So far it helps calm down blemishes that I get in this area.

· Acsen Selemix Serum

This serum is not sticky and it absorbs well. It definitely helps to calm down acne by reducing redness and inflammation. This is a must serum!

· Acsen Recovery Cream

This recovery cream is the number one cream in my opinion because I can see that my acne scars are less visible. I had two dark spots that were about a centimeter in size. This cream has helped to fade away those scars. This is the first cream that has actually helped in fading those pesky ugly scars!

· Acsen Pore Control Mask

I use this mask once a week and I mix it with the red & yellow ampoule and I apply it on my forehead and cheek area. I also mix the blue ampoule and apply it on my chin/jaw area. In the first application I saw my skin hydrated, clean, less oily and rejuvenated! Awesome mask!

· Acsen A+Cushion

This cushion provides enough coverage and shade matches my skin perfectly. It looks natural. The only thing that I don’t like about it is that after a while it makes my skin a bit oily/greasy.

· Ultra UV Protector

Nice sun cream, goes on well with cushion doesn’t make skin cacky. Skin feels lightweight, and moisturized/hydrated. I like it because it SPF is 50 which is the adequate amount to use in a sun cream.

· Ampoule Kit & Skin Complex Formula

This cocktail/combination of products is excellent. I use the ampoules with the mask, with the skin complex formula or by themselves. Either way these ampoules and mist help with the inflammation and calms down any blemishes that I have. As far as moisturizing they leave skin feeling fresh and hydrated. I like these products because they give a boost to my skin and helps with soothing and hydration without over drying my skin.

I recently ordered the eye cream and the cell energy mask formula so I will be using those pretty soon. I have the GPS Masks but will be trying out those in a later time. But I also want to use the new premium aesthetic cushion will be ordering soon.

Janie Briones-Garcia

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