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Stay Healthy Stay Clean

Troiareuke Oil Cut Cleansing

Dear Customers,

Hope all of you at home are well. It's time to stay healthy at home

by eating healthy food, doing exercise, enjoying the life with family.

Due to lack of exercise and all day at home, our skin gets easily troubled like more pimples, dryness, redness and oily.

It was same for me. As I have the combination skin type, I can see more pimples on my face and even redness. So I use ' ACSEN oil cut cleansing' back from PIT cleansing to focus on clean on my cheeks.

Oh my god !! I said to myself- Oil Cut cleansing is the best curing cosmetic for pimple and oily skin type. Whenever I have acne on my skin, it really did help all clean and make my skin color get white even.

It's easy to get out of control due to current coronavius situation.

It's important to stay healthy and stay clean with Oil Cut Cleansing~


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