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Moisturizing Shield, Laser Cream New Launch

Dear Customers,

Thank you for all your inquiry how to prepare for weather changing

As weather changes, our skin immediately reflects and normally you will see your skin got dried.

The moisturizing is the first step to take care for our skin.

The best way and easiest way are to apply skin complex formula (Toner) to your face 7 times. No doubt!!

the important next step is to keep our moisturizing shield.

Laser cream is created with special formula to protect moisturize shield along with smoothing effect.

At night it provides moisture to dried cells and help resurfacing of skin through collagen synthesis

In the morning, addition to the above effects, it gives you shiny effect for your make-up.

Troiareuke manager shares her secret for shiny make up. Because she has applied laser cream prior to UV protector.

Laser cream has been well known as a must have cream after troipeel facial treatment. Because after facial treatment, the skin temporarily gets dried.

This laser cream is perfect for dry face and to have moisturizing shield.

Troiareuke will have new laser cream with advanced features and large size in Nov.

For a time being, we have no stock to sell. Please kindly understand the situation.

Please stay tuned. KBeautyLike will come back with new launch date and new effects. Thank you.

Bye bye to the old laser cream T.T.


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