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Share your comment Get free healing cocktail

KBeautyLike holds the EVENT that you can get free ' Healing Blue Cocktail by sharing your comment on ACSEN Oil Cut Cleansing'

The Event Guidelines

1. Period : May 21st to June 15th

2.Who can apply ? : All customers who purchased ACSEN Oil Cut Cleansing from KBeautyLike from Apr 25th of 2019 to May 31st of 2019

3. How to apply : Share your comment on Oil Cut Cleansing and send us the picture of product or with you

4. Where to share comment : Send us email

5. How to select winners : KBeautyLike will select top 3 winners among applicants

6. What is the free gift : The winners will get free healing blue cocktail which is @100USD as a coupon. This coupon can be used at any time with their next purchasing

7. When to announce the winners : June 17th

Note : All comments and pictures shared will be used by KBeautyLike

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