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My Skin looks clean and fresh after Oil Cut Cleansing

Let's hear from Marketa living in Korea how she likes about Troiareuke oil cut cleansing~~. She is from Czech and has been in Korea since Sep. Hi Marketa !! Thank you for sharing your comment and a beautiful picture!!!

Troiareuke Oil Cut Cleansing

"I learned about Troiareuke cosmetics from a Korean friend who has been using its products to heal her problematic skin. She recommended I try this cleanser and I am amazed! I have naturally oily and acne-prone complexion, especially on my T zone, and living in a big city puts additional pressure on my skin. This product wonderfully cleanses the dirt and make-up (although I wear only a light one) without drying or iritating the skin. Even after a few hours of using the cleanser, my skin looks clean and fresh (see the picture - with absolutely no make-up on). I also like that it is based on natural ingredients such as papaya and portulaca. The smell is very pleasant, too. I will definitely try other Troiareuke products as well! " Marketa Balkova

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