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Don't wipe off too hard but Gently wipe using Troiareuke Oil Cut Cleansing

All in one gel cleanser , Troiareuke Oil Cut Cleansing which is very soft and pure

How do all of you clean your face well as we know the importance of facial cleansing ?

I used to wipe off very hard till I felt nothing left on my face. But there is one product which makes my mind changed completely after using it . I would like to introduce this product~~

Troiareuke Oil Cut Cleansing

Recently I felt very itchy and redness on my face seriously . So I went to an aesthetic spa shop for skincare. When I mentioned my skin condition which was very itchy and had redness easily, the professional consultant said that it didn't seem any problem on my skin and it looked okay. I got confused after hearing comments.

Next day I realized that my skin got itchy and redness again right after I washed my face with a towel .

It was all due to my wrong cleansing habits. I did several cleansing to clean all dirties and wiped off very hard with full of bubbles. Then I felt very fresh but it was a wrong habit to clean my face. That's why I don't feel itchy at all during a day but only after washing my face.

It's important to have no irritated cleansing for sensitive skin.

I've heard that the skin gets stronger by itself even if there are no intensive exfoliation and irritation on face

I got introduced of no irritate gel type cleanser which has moisturizing and soft.

Nowadays I am using Troiareuke Oil Cut Cleansing

Troiareuke Oil Cut Cleansing

It's an 'all in one cleanser' has moisturizing effect and removes impurities by keeping skin's original collapses

< Main Ingredients>

  • Moisturizing -Portulaca oleracea extract

  • Skin cell calming down and anti inflammatory - Papaya fruit water

  • Acne prone skin care and rosacea care - Usnea barbata extract

Once you open it, please use it within 12 months

When I used at the first time, as it had no bubble, I felt it disappeared while rubbing and I suspected if it was cleansing make up and dirties. However I couldn't help believing once I removed my make up using a cotton pad

Troiareuke Oil Cut Cleansing

After applying oil cut cleansing into a cotton pad, you use it to remove your make up . And then wash your face without further cleansing. You won't feel any dryness and redness on your face but you will feel moisturized purely

For a cotton pad, please choose it carefully as other cotton pad may has tough surface to irritate skin.

If you pour Troiareuke Oil Cut Cleansing into a cotton pad, it's a high concentrated gel type. It won't generate any bubble while rubbing on your face.