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Troiareuke BOGO 1+1 Event - ACSEN Oil Cut Cleansing

" Take Out Oil from Your Skin !! and Fill Out Moisturizing by Oil Cut Cleansing"

We are happy to announce BOGO Event for ACSEN Oil Cut Cleansing starts from May 1st till end of May. Buy One Get One Free!!!

ACSEN Oil Cut Cleansing is the best of best among Troiareuke's. The most honest feedback heard from customers about ACSEN Oil Cut Cleansing are probably like " I can't live without oil cut cleansing as I am afraid of breakouts ". It's so true.

ACSEN Oil Cut Cleansing is a clear gel type and has the following special effects

  • All In One Cleansing (Cleanse point make-up) : It cleanse sebum, oil, impurities and find dust at once

  • Micro-emulsion technique helps to cleanse the face and impurities without skin irritation

  • Oil free cleanser removes impurities and makes the skin healthy and fresh

  • Included ' Moisturizing ' ingredients

Recommended Skin Type : Every Skin Types, especially acne prone, Sensitive and Oily Skin types.

For ordering, you start to preorder now and we will ship the goods on May 1st.

Enjoy " Buy One and Get One Free"

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