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Troiareuke helps you have a beautiful make-up

It's already like Summer in Korea. Probably the most of countries in the world are between Spring and Summer or Winter and Spring. It's time for outdoor activities and It's natural for us to try to be more beautiful. However we often see our make up gets cakey and flaky. It is because excessive dead skin cells prevent absorbing the basic products

In addition to that, when the weather is changed suddenly, the excessive sebum is generated more and the skin pores are getting large. And the skin starts sagged.

To have a beautiful make up and a well blend-in make up are different stories but both of them should make sure to keep the pores cleaned. Also we must avoid excessive exfoliation.

The aesthetic professional recommend the following three tips to have the blend-in make up

1. To make skin surface smooth using daily skin cell control toner

2. To use serum to help the pores healthier and clean

3. To use water essence to have moisturizing shield

Troiareuke has the three products help your beautiful make up as below

Please kindly click each product to have product details. Ask us ( for more !!

Source of picture from Troiareuke

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