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Katya is in love with recovery cream -Aesthetic Start Kit Review

Here is the wonderful review from Katya Govorkova, one of our customers. We thank you to Katya for her efforts to share her review. We really appreciate it. Let's hear what Katya thinks of Troiareuke products. Aeshetic Start Kit includes ' Oil Cut Cleansing (50ml), Skin complex formula (50ml), Anti Trouble Formula Ampoule (20ml) and Recovery Cream (25ml)

My favorite cleanser ever! It doesn’t foam at all but completely removes makeup and dirt. I love it so much because it replaces double cleansing. The product is very gentle for my acne-prone, sensitive and very oily skin. Few times a week a like to follow up with Troiareuke mask to deep cleanse my pores

After you mix together the toner and ampoule, you get a very nice mist. It is very good in hydration and moisturizing. After washing my face, I like to put toner on cotton and wipe any access makeup or dust from my face. I also like to spray it directly on m face after I applied makeup. It keeps my skin hydrated throughout the day. The only issue is that the toner finishes very fast because I really love to spray my face with it all the time. Again, perfect for sensitive, acne-prone and very oily skin.

I’m in love with this cream. It is very soft and light and gentle. It just feels so good when you apply it! I like to apply a thin layer all over my face in the evening and then apply some more on the red post-acne spots. It really helps for them to recover faster and it also helps irritated skin to calm down. The smell and texture are luxurious! In summer it would be enough as a moisturizer for oily skin, but during the winter I would recommend to follow up with night hydrating mask.

Please copy and past the below link to see the orginal review - file:///C:/Users/clensha/Downloads/review%20(1).pdf

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