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Highest international rating for U.V. protection : ACSEN UV Essence

ACSEN UV Essence named as the highest international rating UV protection. See see the following review from Sherber+Drad

This sunscreen has the highest international rating for broad spectrum U.V. protection, with its mix of mineral and chemical sunscreens blocking more than 98% of ultraviolet rays and visible light. Since it includes a mineral sun filter it is an excellent choice for those prone to uneven pigmentation, and the name “Acsen” indicates that this product is designed for skin types that tend towards acne or sensitivity. The texture is truly innovative since it disappears into the skin on application. This makes it a beautiful base for makeup, an ideal invisible shield for a day spent outdoors. Dr. Sherber explains, “we import this innovative product from South Korea, where it is the top post-procedural sunscreen and earning acclaim for blending a high degree of sun protection with an antioxidant-rich hydrating essence, for which K-beauty is famous, all in a serum texture.”

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