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This mist is a good moisture splash for in-between. It feels soothing.

Miharu Julie said about Skin complex formula and GPS Mask.

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StartFragment" I used this as a toner as first step of my routine and it goes well with other products. It doesn’t make the skin look greasy at all and it is nicely moisturizing. I usually do 2 spritz, because I don't have perfect aim, before patting it into my skin for better absorption" EndFragment


" Overall, I was surprised when I saw how travel-friendly and small it was and it is not heavy either. Instead of a regular tube opening or pump we have a spraying nozzle. It can be used either as a toner before your skin care routine, or as a makeup fixer after you put it on. Also, mists are great to refresh yourself in-between!

My main skin concern is dryness, and I think this mist is a good moisture splash for in-between. I do not feel that it does any type of long-term moisturization, but it feels soothing."

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