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Even though I am not really acne prone nor do I have sensitive skin, a lot of the products from the

Global express review blogger mentioned following in her review

StartFragmentACSEN Pore control Mask is probably the product I looked forward to the most. Their theory is simple, yet effective: pore tightening comes with V-line tightening (overall skin tightening). The saggier your skin, the most enlarged your pores will be. This mask tightens you skin like those 19th century corsets that produced those tiny Victorian waists (not that tight--that would be drying and uncomfortable, which this mask is not). But it definitely does tighten your skin and remove all the impurities from your pores, which should allow for smaller pores in the long run.

StartFragmentThis acsen recovery cream is also another product I had mainly wanted to try because of its claims to be able to heal pitted scars. It contains 4% centella asiatica extract, which is an extremely high percentage of the extract. This ingredient is one you may have not heard of before, but it is slowly gaining much popularity overseas. Centella asiatica has the miraculous ability of cell regeneration and is the key to healing those pitted scars. 4% is probably the highest you can find in any product available in the world, making Troiareuke's recovery cream the one and only cream with such high EndFragment

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