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Currently my skin has greatly improved

Hello, I have loved the products I have purchased so far! The oil cut cleanser is very gentle and is helping me keep my face calm while I use my prescription cream from my dermatologist, which is very irritating. The A+ cushion is very light and I like the coverage, and it doesn't break me out. I feel comfortable leaving it on all day. Currently my skin has greatly improved and my main issue is acne scarring, I have only one active break out which is getting smaller. I used to have 2-4 new break outs everyday! So now that my skin is less active in break outs I've decided to try the recovery cream on my scars, and some of them are very dark, I'm sure the cream will definitely help! Thank you so much for helping me keep my skin in check and happy :)

Sincerely, Ashlee Malone

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