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AGT able to hydrate my skin from deep within

I want to share my review on the Troiareuke A.G.T. Hydro Essence:

My skin is dry and very dehydrated. It’s also winter right now and we had temperatures of -15°C for a while, which took an extra toll on my parched skin so I even got nasty dry patches around my mouth and chin area. Another problem, I’m having all year round, is that my makeup tends to get shiny very quickly (and not in a nice way) during the day due to my inner dryness.

So I have been using the Hydro Essence for around a month now and I am in love! It definitely feels like this product is able to hydrate my skin from deep within.

I’ve been using regular Aloe Gels for a while but this essence contains Aloe ferment extract (and Hyaluronic Acid) and some fancy technology, that’s supposed to make it sink into deeper layers of the skin. And it works! 🙌🏼 With normal Aloe Gel, I always felt like the hydration it gave, evaporated super quickly after application. Also, I couldn’t really layer those products well, because that would make them ‚ball up‘ into those annoying little globs of product that would just sit on the skin and disturb my makeup. With the Hydro Essence those problems are gone! I can apply as much product as my skin needs that day and it sinks in super quickly and really seems to stay in there 😃

Another big plus is that my skin doesn’t get a greasy mess after one hour of makeup application. I’ve been looking for a solution for that problem for ages, but I couldn’t find one and face powders or blotting papers might take away the shine for a little while, but they definitely don’t help with the root of the problem.

So I’m super happy with this product and I don’t have anything negative to say about it! I saw that it comes in a smaller size now and I will definitely be getting that if I’m going traveling in the summer.

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