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New Home Skincare Routine 

We are very happy to have easy way to do our skincare at home. 

This new skincare routine is what Kbeautylike memebers have applied and then recommended to who wants to have simple skincare at home besides daily routine. You will feel your skin "drinked" water almost in the morning with full of moisturizing. Enjoy and ask us for any quesitons. KBeautyLike~

1. In & Out Cleanser 

  • It is a soft cleanser used in the aesthetic skin care centers, and the fine O2 bubbles are generated automatically after the application.
  • Dissolves impurities and leaving skin clean and fully hydrat.

2. Oil Cut Cleansing (120ml)

  • Oil Free unlike other cleanser has oil ingredients to remove oil dirt
  • Perfect balance of cleansing acne for sensitive skin.
  • No feel sensitive or dry after use

3. Glow Ampoule Toner (Yellow Ampoule included) 

  • Ampoule-Highly concentrated ampoule, adding moisture to Glow to keep skin tight
  • Consists of ingredients and formulations that help skin absorption
  • Toner-Moisturizing soothing toner that can boost the ampoule's function as much as possible 

4. Ampoule Stick V

  • 83% of the hydration magnet allows to provide the moisture from the surface, Refreshed feeling
  • Double functioning skin care product [ Radiance (Whitening) / Antiaging ] 

5. ACSEN SOS Sleeping Mask

  • Troiareuke Acsen SOS Sleeping mask has Capsule Free ( Decapsule ) technique which made all of the ingredient stable and safe to be delivered to the every layer of the skin. (Even while you are sleeping) Capsule free means, we can increase the amount of the ingredient delivered due to lighter weight of the molecules to travel.

How to use

1. In & Out Cleanser - Use a few times per week at night to have deep cleansing for dead cells
2. Oil Cut Cleansing - Use at night normally when you are not using In & Out Cleanser. If you feel oily in the morning, you can also use it with light amout of oil cut cleansing
3. Grow Ampoule Toner - Apply it directly to your face several times and dab dab to get absorbed well to skin
4. Troiareuke Ampoule Skin V - Apply all your face from down to up by drawing V line of your chin. And then dab dab to get absorbed well to skin
5. ACSEN SOS Sleeping Mask - Apply to all your face .
6. Have a good sleep ~^^

New Home Skincare Routine

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