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Major Functions 

  • Luxury gold therapy that fills your natural light and elasticity
  • Contains 99.9% 24K pure gold
  • Elasticity and radiance care that builds up from within
  • Dual functionality for whitening and wrinkle improvement


  • Point 1 : Reset elasticity + tone + radiance skin condition
  • Point 2 : Triple solution that becomes firmer the more you apply it
  • Point 3 :Dual functionality for whitening and wrinkle improvement (Functional cosmetics containing niacinamide and adenosine)


Size :100ml

Skin Type : All types


Special Ingredients

  • 99.99% purity 24k pure gold. This ingredient has been used by Cleopatra for skin care since ancient times and has excellent skin purifying properties, improving the complexion to a clearer complexion.
  • Nourishing Beluga Caviar. Supply rich nutrients such as omega 3, minerals, amino acids, fatty acids and vitamins to the skin.
  • 12 types of complex peptides. Peptides, which are smaller particles of protein, have excellent skin absorption and deliver nutrients to the skin.



Holika Holika Prime Youth 24K Gold Repair

SKU: 3001
$178.00 Regular Price
$89.00Sale Price
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