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Add Glow Into Moisturizing


One-Line Description

  • Bubbles that hold moisture and a glow firmly to give GLOW & RADIANCE skin confidence from any angle. 




  • Ampoule-Highly concentrated ampoule, adding moisture to Glow to keep skin tight
  • Consists of ingredients and formulations that help skin absorption
  • Toner-Moisturizing soothing toner that can boost the ampoule's function as much as possible 



1. Improving quick drying due to the strengthening of the skin barrier

2. The next skincare boosting effect by adjusting the moisture balance

3. Increase makeup adhesion with strong skincare from the inside


How often to use it

  • Pour a bottle of ampoule all over the toner, shake it thoroughly, and pump it once on both cheeks to tap it for absorption


Skin Type : All types

Size : 150ml (135ml Toner+15ml Ampoule) 1~1.5 months usage

Glow Ampoule Toner

SKU: 1061
  • ① Layered method No. 1: Toner effect → Clean up texture / Cut dead skin / Moisturize / Adjust pH balance No. 2: Essence effect → Moisturizing / Nourishing / Enhancing barriers No. 3: Ampoule effect → Glow skin look / Makeup boosting

    ② Skin texture cleanup 

    ③ Ampoule toner pack 

    ④ Home beauty treatment technique 

    ⑤ Neck care

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