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GPS Mask = Skin Navigation Mask


  • Skin Navigation like Open skin and provide moisture and cell protection exactly where skin needs it.
  • Three steps- SkinShielder Cel-Cleanser -> GPS Mask->Cell energy cream
  • A perfect solution in skin recovery , specially after Plastic Surgery.
  • Same results of a beauty spa with GPS Mask
  • Paraben-free
  • Perfect thickness

Skin Type : All types

Size : 1pcs

GPS Mask (1pcs)

SKU: 1025
  • Step 1 Cleansing - Apply cleansing on face with dry hands. Wait for 30 sec for bubbles. Rub a face softly with wet hands, Wash with warm water

    • Oily skin : Longer cleansing


    Step 2 GPS Mask- Spray toner on a face and put the mask

    • Dry skin : 15 to 20mins
    • Others : 20 to 30mins


    Step 3 Cell energy cream - Apply on face and nec after removing the sheet

    • Oily skin :Apply a little
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