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ACSEN Oil Cut Cleansing

  • Oil Free unlike other cleanser has oil ingredients to remove oil dirt
  • Perfect balance of cleansing acne for sensitive skin.
  • No feel sensitive or dry after use
  • Minimize acne bacteria growth and skin trouble
  • Reduce excessive sebum, dead skin and big pores

Size : 120ml, Regular Price @ $38


ACSEN TOC toner stands for "Turn Over Cycle" toner

  • Build up healthy skin barrier
  • Modify the natural cell TOC rate for healthier skin
  • Correcting metabolism in skin cell
  • High moisturizing
  • Super antioxidant

Size : 100ml, Regular Price @ $41


Skin Type : Acne, Oily, Sensitive Skin


Combo for ACSEN Oil Cut Cleanser (120ml)and TOC Toner (100ml)

SKU: 2009
$76.00 Regular Price
$68.40Sale Price
  • ACSEN Oil Cut Cleansing

    • Apply on your wet hands after washing
    • Rub it on dry face
    • Wash using warm water


    TOC Toner

    • Poure TOC toner on a cotton pad
    • Clean the face ( Make sure to clean chin, hairlines, nose)
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