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Cell Energy Mask Formula

  • "It works as “vacuum cleaner” for pores.
  • It purifies and takes out the sebum and impurities even to the deepest pore.
  • Often BB and CC or foundation, primer can block pores by having very fine particles.It suffocates skin because it cannot breath. Therefore it makes your skin cell to function less and it could lead to skin disorder (Sensitive skin, weak in immune system, Aged and wrinkled skin, hyper pigmentation-melasma).
  • Bentonite ingredient absorbs impurities. Our product is making skin even whiter and has better clear tone.


Size :50ml

Skin Type : Normal, Dry Skin Types

Cell Energy Mask Formula (50ml)

SKU: 1022
  • 1. Apply mask with ampoule on the face

    2. After 10 to 15 minutes, rubing the face with web hands

    3. Clean with wet sponge and then wash with water


    * Oily skin : Once in 5days

    * Dry skin : Once in a week

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