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Aesthetic BB Cream H+ Formula


Aesthetic BB Cream H+ Formula has make up functions (Excellent coverage) as well as skin care results like comfort, protect skin and safe to use all the times


  • Good coverage but skin care all day long
  • Light texture & Perfect fit for skin
  • Formulated for even to extra sensitive & acne skin
  • Anti-oxidant, Anti-inflammatory, Anti-bacteria, Anti-air pollution


Skin Care Benefits

  • Skin breathing film formula : Flexible and durable film helps in skin breathing during the day
  • Leave your skin fresh and light as you walked out of your home
  • Moisture skin care system : Moist smoothing gel will protect the skin from dryness 
  • Whitening, Anti-aging, Moisturizing, Oil Control



  • Sepicontrol A5-5 Special ingredient formula for controlling sebum, removing dead skin and improving skin immunity
  • Moist Calm Ex(n) Blending of 3 ingredients - Centella Asiatica, Chia (Flowing plant), Chameleon plant
  • Phyto G-tea Tree left EX (H) - Reducing negative activities in skin
  • EWG high level ingredients


Skin type : Normal, Dry Skin Type

Size : 15ml

Color : 21C-22C

Aesthetic BB Cream H+Formula (15ml)

SKU: 1060
    • Apply Aesthetic BB Cream H+ Formula on the face
    • Absorb it with sponge or Troiareuke cushion's puff
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