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Every Skin needs a good rest

Good rest = Better skin condition


Product Description

  • Troiareuke Acsen SOS Sleeping mask has Capsule Free ( Decapsule ) technique which made all of the ingredient stable and safe to be delivered to the every layer of the skin. (Even while you are sleeping) Capsule free means, we can increase the amount of the ingredient delivered due to lighter weight of the molecules to travel.


<SOS Action steps>

  1. Capsule Free ingredient has very high percentage of the penetration of the ingredient  
  2. Five different Hyaluronic acid helps to provide different sizes of moisture to different level of the skin. Smaller size reach to the deeper area and bigger ones rest on the surface to protect the dehydration.  
  3. 6 Sprout extract helps to reduce the chronic inflammation. Normalizing the cell condition. (When the cell has inflammation, it can attack normal cell for internal skin damage.  
  4. Birch Tree extract helps cell to lock the moisture inside. (Moisture-Lock)
  5. Panthenol helps you to control oil and moisture balance during the night time to day time. (Evening time is a important time to protect the aging process of our skin)


How to use

  • Apply the amount on the surface before sleep.  Wash in the morning 




Panthenol : Panthenol helps mature and dry skin to have smoother and more supple. In addition to its moisture retaining and softening properties, it will help to defend itself against external stresses. It will reduce itching, redness, and suppresses inflammation.  

 6 sprout extract : 6 different extract helps to minimize the chronic inflammations 
Birch Tree water extract : It has numerous amino acid, minerals, exymes, protein, antioxidant and vitamin. Therefore this extract helps you to LOCK THE HYDRATION in your skin.  
5 Hyaluronic acid: 5 different sizes of the hyaluronic acid helps skin to not to lose the hydration (TEWL – Trans Epidermal Water Loss)  
Whitening Function, Anti-Wrinkle function as a functional skin care effect.  


ACSEN SOS Sleeping Mask

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