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New Skincare Kit for Moisturizing, Calming,UV protection with 20% Off

Dear Customers,

As the weather changes and it's getting dried, we often have unexpected breakout and need UV protection to prevent from pigmentation. This new skincare kit is for moisturizing, Calming, UV protection with special 20% off.

Skin complex formula has strong moisturizing effect

This toner is different from others which take moisture from the face and makes skin dried & aged. It helps keep skin toning and moisture.

Powerful anti-oxidant helps be aged slowly

Akne C Ampoule (Blue Ampule) is for calming. We can use it mixed with Skin complex formula (Toner) or apply it directly on the concerned skin. When we have breakouts,heat, itching, it is definitely helpful as it has the following effects

  • Anti-inflammatory effect

  • Minimize the heat stress in skin

  • Sebum control

  • Reduce free radical

  • Cool the temperature of the cell

ACSEN UV Protector Essence is a Sun essence for UV protection.When we have light make-up and go out for exercise, we can apply skin complex formula mixed with akne C ampoule. And then we can finish with ACSEN UV protector essence to prevent from pigmentation and keep whitening.

  • No sticky and No oily but It has moisturizing

  • After applying on the face, no whitening remained on face

  • Help skin trouble calm down

  • Anti-pollution : Protect skin from minute dirts

  • Skin Regeneration

  • UVA/UVB 50+ effect last all day

Additionally we offer Trial Kit which is a sample contains Oil Cut Cleansing, TOC Toner, Cell Energy Cream and BB cream A+ formula.

Enjoy our special 20% off with a trial kit !!!

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