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1+1 Summer Cocktail Event Ready to Order

Troiareuke Summer Cocktail event is ready to order. The goods will arrive at warehouse in Aug 2nd. You can pre order to reserve the colors you want. It's about buy 1 set of Skin complex formula (180ml) + Ampoule(20ml), Get 1 Set free. It's for limited QTY.

KBeautyLike will only provide large size of set (Skin complex formula 180m + Ampoule 20m)

Design for your skin with Troiareuke Summer Cocktail

[1+1 Event] Buy 1 set of 'Skin complex formula+Ampoule' and Get Free 1 set of 'Skin complex formula + Ampoule' !!! @ USD 100. You can choose any color -Water essence designed for your skin. -Mixing these two products will maximize the active ingredients to effectively treat your skin -Make your own cocktail and shake it~~ Spray ~~ Ask us what color you want or Tell us your skin condition. We will recommend for your skin!!

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