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Why is Healing Cushion a Must Have ?


Why H+ Healing Cushion Must have ?? - 99% Skincare and 1% make up

When you buy cushion, what functions are you looking for ? Coverage, Water proof, Long lasting coverage, UV protection, Cooling effect...

How about your skin ? The skin is suffering as make-up has something called mineral oil or silicon which has nice texture and coverage. However it makes your skin dull after few hours.

Let's give healing to our skin. Healing cushion has

1. 3 Main improving effects - Anti-aging, Whitening, UV protection 2. Long last moisturizing through Water Wrapping System (WWS) 3. 100% Natural look coverage - Glittering look, Calming, Sebum control

Skin type : All (Excellent for Acne prone/Sensitive/Oily Skin ) Color : Neutral shade - Naturally blend into your skin (It's between 21 and 22) Size : 13g + Extra Sponge

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