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Apply skin toner 7 times ??

What is the Best Skin Moisturizing way ???

1.5L Water per Day or 7 Skin Toner Way or 1 Pack per Day

Early of this year “Get it Beauty” Korea TV show tested the effects of these three ways with celebrities Can you guess which way is best ? After one week trial, the % of skin moisture resulted as below

1. 1.5 L water per day – Cheek 6.6% Up Eye rims 0.7% Down 2. 7 Skin Toner Way – Cheek 12% Up Eye rims 19% Up 3. 1 Pack per day – Cheek 18% Up Eye rims 19.2% Up

It’s interesting test.^_^ You can try the best way to fit you !!!!

Everyone has the different skin condition so that it can have the different results. Is it interesting ? hehe By the way, what is “7 skin toner way "?? It will continue on next posting. Follow us ~~

[Sourced from Get It Beauty blog]

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