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1. Cell Energy Cream (125ml) : Cell energy cream is a professional moisturizing cream. One of the best sellers in professional spa, You can mix with ampoule or aroma lymph oil. No mineral oil (@ U69)

2. Different Color Ampoules : Please select an ampoule color

Anti Trouble Formula Ampoule(Green) for Calming, Moisturizing

Mela C Formula Ampoule (Yellow) for Detox, Brightening

Cell Repair Formula Ampoule (Red) for Elasticity, Reduce wrinkles

Akne C Formula Ampoule (Blue) for Anti-Bacteria, Cooling DownSkin

type : All typesSize : 20ml (@ U60)

Cell Energy Cream + Ampoule Set

SKU: 2057
Ampoule Color
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