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Troi Recovery Kit ( 6 Items) = Skin Regenerating Home Care Kit


  • P.I.T Cleansing Milk :PIT helps remove oil and water dirts without removing moisture barrier in skin. Maximum moisturized feeling after cleansing. 
  • Skin Complex Formula  : Strong anti-oxidant tonner Strong moisturizing, calming and anti-inflammatory 
  • Anti Trouble Ampoule : Provides tremendous moisture for all types of skin that has irritation and redness. 
  • A.G.T Hydro Essence  -Hydration essence. Immediate penetration through amino-acid gel technique.
  • Laser cream  : Create moisture shield for dry face 
  • Aesthetc BB Cream H+ Formula : Anti-wrinkled, Whitening, UV protection effects 


Skin Type : Normal, Dry skin, People who had a skin treatment such as peeling, laser, plastic surgery etc

Troiareuke Recovery Kit H+

SKU: 1036
    • PIT Cleansing Milk :Apply and leave on face for 3mins and remove using warm water or cosmetic wipes
    • Skin Complex Formula : Apply to a cotton and clean up any trace left from make up and shake/shake/spray on the face
    • Anti-Trouble Formula Ampoule : Apply on the spot or entire face, Mix with skin complex formula
    • AGT Hydro Essence : Apply on the face. At night you can use it as mask by putting 0.5cm on the face
    • Laser Cream : Apply on the face or mix with Healing cream
    • Healing Cream : Apply healing cream several times then the coverage will be better




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