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[May Event] Since we offer 1+1 for Oil Cut Cleansing, If you buy this kit, you will also get one extra Oil Cut Cleansing free. Enjoy our promotion. KBeautyLike~


1.Oil Cut Cleansing (120ml) : Oil Free, clear gel type, water wash off type. Natural surfactant soapwort extract gives perfection in cleansing acne and sensitive skin. (@ U38)
2. Skin Complex Formula (180ml) : Strong anti-oxidant tonerStrong moisturizing, calming and anti inflammatory Boosting with ampoulesSkin type : All typesSize : 180ml, Type : Water essence (@ U40)
3. Recovery Cream (80ml) : Skin calming and minimize skin trouble. Remove wounds and scars (@ U130)

4. UV Protector Essence (50ml) : No sticky and No oily but It has moisturizing. After applying on the face, no whitening remained on face. Skin Regeneration (@ U55)
5. Diiferent Color Ampoules (20ml) : Please select 1 Ampoule color (@ U60)

  • Anti Trouble Formula Ampoule(Green) for Calming, Moisturizing
  • Mela C Formula Ampoule (Yellow) for Detox, Brightening
  • Cell Repair Formula Ampoule (Red) for Elasticity, Reduce wrinkles
  • Akne C Formula Ampoule (Blue) for Anti-Bacteria, Cooling Down

Sensitive Skin, Aging Skin, Pigmentation

SKU: 2019
$323.00 Regular Price
$258.40Sale Price
Ampoule Color
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